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Table of Contents: Issue Three

The Journal of Teaching Disability Studies
Fall 2022

Introduction to Issue #3

Our call for submissions this year focused on the theme of “disability as diversity.” We recognize the importance of conversations around identity and intersectionality within pedagogy in a continually evolving world. This year, we believe that the submissions will engage readers with a wide variety of perspectives and interests, both nationally and globally, and encourage those in the field to continue vital dialogs about these topics.

CRUTCH Film Review

By Matt Conlin

CUNY School of Professional Studies

Developing Diversity Competencies in an Undergraduate Disability Studies Course

By Laura T. Eisenman, Ph.D.

& Majd Subih, M.A.

University of Delaware

Expanding Access to Disability Studies: Reflections from Both Sides of the Classroom

By April Coughlin, Ph.D. 

& Kimberly Sanford 

State University of New York at New Paltz

Learning Walks and Universal Design: Assessing Physical Accessibility at a Community College

By Patrick Flink, Ph.D.

& Timothy J. Leonard, Ed.D.

Borough of Manhattan Community College

The Varieties of Ableism: A Colloquium in Sulaimani, Kurdistan

By M. Lynn Rose,

Director of Disability Studies, Professor in the Social Sciences

& Shakir Muhammad Usman

Center for Gender Development Studies

American University of Iraq, Sulaimani

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